A real balcony over the Atlantic

Join us for some magical moments by Comporta Café!

Comporta Café Restaurant & Beach Club is located on the sandy beach of Comporta, on the Troia Peninsula, Portugal.

It's a cozy space with a relaxed and refined atmosphere, where you can enjoy a meal in front of the sea all day long.

The quality of the natural products, from the fresh fish from the surrounding sea to the seafood, meat and vegetables, cooked according to the criteria of traditional Portuguese cuisine, combined with the touch and knowledge of Chef Luís Carvalho, along with the friendliness of the staff, make for unforgettable moments of relaxation and pleasure.

All under the effect of good ambient music, culminating in DJ sunsets, where the sea, and in it the setting sun, privilege those present with an ecstatic visual and sound show.

Great food, great moments!


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